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Preparing for a Win-Win with gun control controversy Based on the article and the two parties’ (for gun control and against gun control) target and reservation points, a win-win may not be possible nor a BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement). Although a win-win may not be possible, the two parties must prepare with their critical factors. In addition, the worksheet for negotiations is also a great preparation tool. The critical factors for the party for gun control are banning assault weapons and performing background checks at gun shows. The party against gun control does not want laws to change because of the second amendment and if a person were willing to murder another person, that individual would not adhere to a gun law. The party for gun control set a target point of total gun control, but is focused on smaller targets of banning assault weapons and mandating background checks at gun shows. An alternative to reaching the agreement is to focus on affordability on mental healthcare and medications in relation to depression and anxiety, for example. Their reservation point is background checks at gun shows. The party against gun control has a target point of less gun control and their reservation point is to keep the laws as they are today. The only alternative would be to violate the law established.
In preparation, both parties should review research and credible statistics. An example is statistics of murders used with weapons other than guns could be used as an arguing point or either party depending on the results. The only issue with statistics is the accuracy depending on the sample used. Research of how many killers committed prior felonies or misdemeanors. The results of this research could confirm the gun control activists’ argument or prepare them for the argument of those opposed to gun control. Creating an