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Win Win Project Reinforcement and reconstructing poor people is very critic issue about a county. Primarily that point is important and critic fort he poor people’ s health, life qualities and freedoms. Secondary, this is also a necessary fact for country’s improvement. There are many parallel factors, which have positive correlation with the country’s improvement. The poor people’s improvement is one of these factors. So, for our primary and secondary targets, when can be do for poor people’s improvement about health, education and economics. Employment resources can be used for this area. If a commitment with employments is built, then in win-win concept poor people can be reconstructed. By creating a program that educates local employers about the risks associated with stress we can improve the overall health of the community. The reason for creating this project with employment to trigger the win-win and by using the resources of employment to make them gained at the same time and uses this as a motivation factor. People can be motivated to serve and help people when they also gain at the same time. So, if employments improve poor people, maintain them health opportunities and educate them they increase the employee’s motivation, performance and in the result of this serve they can want some extra projects from their employees. The goals and benefits must be clarified. First step begins with training for employments and clarifying the goals and profits. They should be trained and motivated about this program. What will be their benefits? Why is important to help poor people about stress? What can motivate them and how should they draw a direction about these poor people. Clarifying the benefits is important. The aim at the end of this improvement project can be increasing the employments performance degrees and earnings. And also an extra Project about specific area will be wanted from the employees. The goals must be very clear; the gaining for employment and measuring that, decreasing the stress for employees and increasing the protective factors. The other steps for this project are, education, health opportunities, training the family members, building hobbies and events or activities and improvement about salaries. The target about poor people of this project is, to increase their life quality, maintain social support by strengthening their relation ships, decreasing risk factors, to create them outlet for frustration by creating activities and hobby classes. The expected result is to decrease stress degree, build protective factors, strength the tolerance and repair the vulnerability. People who are in the low-level socio economic status should be choosed and educated about stress. After creating that sample, these people will be educated about risk factors and protective factors. Their needs and expectations should be learnt. As Sapolsky says, “ Being poor is statistically likely to come with another risk factor-being poorly educated. Thus, maybe poor people don’t understand, don’t know about the risk factors they are being exposed to, or the health-promoting factors thy are making-even if it is within their power to do something, they aren’t informed”. The plan and project will involve these ideas, which come from themselves. Also an education for their family members is a part of this education. They must be educated about stress, stress response, related factors. Another step is training about stress management and relationships. These steps involve poor employees and their close family members. How can they improve their relations, skills and communication?