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Wind farms
Good morning fellow Victorians, before we get started, let me show you a video of our beautiful Great Barrier Reef. the video showed that a plenty of beautiful fishes danceing in the colorful reefs to us. The great barrier reef which was selected as a world heritage site in 1981 is a special gift to our Australian from god. However, this gift is destroyed by a great killer global warming now. Global warming is a awful result for immoderate use of coal. The more carbon dioxide we emit, the higher temperature will rise. It cause ocean warming which bleach mass coral annual year. It also will melt the ice which locate in southernmost and northernmost parts of the world. As the results, we will die. We must use green energy to reduce dangerous carbon emission. You probably all know that Australia has abundant coal. However, the coal is fossil fuel like oil, gas. Of course we have abundance of coal , gas, oil and other fossil fuel to support our daily life. It is enough for us but how about our children, grandchildren? Is it enough for them? Is your think we can rely on fissile fuel to support our daily life forever, please abandon this stupid idea because we can't rely on it anymore.The non-renewable energy will run out of one day. So we need renewable energy to replace fissile fuel. Wind, as a most effective renewable energy can help us solve those fatal problems. Unfortunately, Baillieu government's new law that wind turbines will can't be built within two kilometres of r This outrageous new rule restricts the development of renewable and green energy. How shameful! I say that the Victorian government should definitely not restrict the building of wind farms near rural areas.

Our Victorian society will be disadvantageous by the new law that reduced green energy. More and more countries chose green energy instead of fossil fuel. They do everything they can to develop green energy. For example New Zealand, our sisters countries, has 16 wind farms either operating or under construction. “These wind farms currently have a combined installed capacity of 615 megawatts. They supply about 4% of New Zealand’s annual electricity generation, which is about the same amount of electricity as 180,000 New Zealand homes use in a year.” it was reported by New Zealand Wind farm Energy Association. And for another developed country-UK, will be benefits from wind energy as well. “The world's biggest offshore wind farm off Kent has been officially opened. Swedish energy giant Vattenfall said the 100 turbines are expected to generate enough electricity to power 200,000 homes.” from BBC News. How could our Victorian hold back wind energy when other county try their best to develop their wind farms?
Economy of our victory will benefit from building wind farms. Our lands’ value is increased because building turbines need space to build. So the landowner can rent their land to get more money than planting. “THIRTY Yorke Peninsula landowners will reap an average of $90,000 a year to host wind turbines on their land in a $1.3 billion development.” And “Each turbine requires about half a hectare of space. A wheat crop on the same amount of land would yield about $300.” It was reported by News, Katrina Stokes. Moreover, lots of job opportunities will be produced when project start. Then the people will have more chance to find a job. “Wind farms are one of the biggest growth areas for regional Victoria over the past 10 years and they would have been for the next 20 years.” Said by Greens MP Greg Barber. Finally, we earn money and green future so as intelligent Victorian, we have no reason to say no for money and green future.

Our environment will be disadvantageous because of the limitation of wind farms. The government limits carbon emissions in order to achieve the new target that 20% electricity of Australia need resourced by renewable energy by 2020. So many factories need reduce their carbon emissions. However, most of them