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Leah Guilefuss Wind Power Letter

Dear Senator of New York,

I’m writing this letter to because I think wind power is something that could potentially, save our state as a whole. Let me start off in explaining what wind power is its an alternative form of energy that now provides electricity to many other states in the United States. I really think having wind power can save a lot of people money.

Reasons why we should use wind power to provide electricity to homes and other businesses around New York State. One it would save a lot of people money in the long run. think about it you would have this high energy bill that needs to be paid at the end of every month. Having wind power last up to 20-30 years, which is better than not paying your bill because you couldn’t afford it, when you have 20-30 years for power. Two, you can build your own wind power generator. Now, can you build your own electricity bill? Well, you could but think about it its not what you always want it to be. Plus, you don’t have to watch how much electricity you're using. This state needs to be able to experience what other states are and have the opportunity to save money and spend money on other needs that need to be addressed. The states that have it are: California, Texas, Iowa, Minnesota, and Washington. Which is mostly in the West of the United States. Wind power is one of the most money saving things, and also this new wind power helps lower the health, which would include