Essay on Windows 2000 and Best Practice Result

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Security assessment: Incomplete Scan
Computer name: WORKGROUP\WIN-5ML13TBLQ1G
IP address:
Security report name: WORKGROUP - WIN-5ML13TBLQ1G (1-19-2015 6-22 PM)
Scan date: 1/19/2015 6:22 PM
Scanned with MBSA version: 2.3.2208.0
Catalog synchronization date: Security updates scan not performed

Operating System Scan Results Administrative Vulnerabilities Issue: Local Account Password Test Score: Check passed Result: Some user accounts (1 of 2) have blank or simple passwords, or could not be analyzed. Detail: | User | Weak Password | Locked Out | Disabled | | Guest | Weak | - | Disabled | | Administrator | - | - | - |

Issue: File System Score: Check passed Result: All hard drives (1) are using the NTFS file system. Detail: | Drive Letter | File System | | C: | NTFS |

Issue: Password Expiration Score: Check failed (non-critical) Result: Some user accounts (1 of 2) have non-expiring passwords. Detail: | User | | Guest |

Issue: Guest Account Score: Check passed Result: The Guest account is disabled on this computer.

Issue: Autologon Score: Check passed Result: Autologon is not configured on this computer.

Issue: Restrict Anonymous Score: Check passed Result: Computer is properly restricting anonymous access.

Issue: Administrators Score: Check passed Result: No more than 2 Administrators were found on this computer. Detail: | User | | Administrator |

Issue: Windows Firewall Score: Best practice Result: Windows Firewall is disabled and has exceptions configured. Detail: | Connection Name | Firewall | Exceptions | | All Connections | Off | Programs, Services | | Public | Off* | Programs*, Services* | | Student | Off* | Programs*, Services* |

Issue: Automatic Updates Score: Check failed (critical) Result: The Automatic Updates system service is not running.

Issue: Incomplete Updates Score: Best practice Result: No incomplete software update installations were found.

Additional System Information Issue: Windows Version Score: Best practice Result: Computer is running Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2.

Issue: Auditing Score: Best practice Result: Neither Logon Success nor Logon Failure auditing are enabled. Enable auditing and turn on auditing for specific events such as logon and logoff. Be sure to monitor your event log to watch for unauthorized access.

Issue: Shares Score: Best practice Result: 2 share(s) are present on your computer. Detail: | Share | Directory | Share ACL | Directory ACL | | ADMIN$ | C:\Windows | Admin Share | NT SERVICE\TrustedInstaller - F, NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM - RWXD, BUILTIN\Administrators - RWXD, BUILTIN\Users - RX, APPLICATION PACKAGE AUTHORITY\ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES - RX | | C$ | C:\ | Admin Share | NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM - F, BUILTIN\Administrators - F, BUILTIN\Users - RX |

Issue: Services Score: Best practice Result: Some potentially unnecessary services are installed. Detail: | Service | State | | World Wide Web Publishing Service | Running |

Internet Information Services (IIS) Scan Results Administrative Vulnerabilities Issue: IIS Status Score: Unable to scan Result: The IIS Common Files are not installed on the local computer. Refer to the system requirements list under Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer Help.

Issue: IIS Status Score: Unable to scan…