Windows 2008 Network Services Essay

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Windows 2008 Network Services
In this Assignment I am going to be writing about DNS and DHCP. First I am going say that DNS is used to translate information into text that we humans can read rather than have the information in IP address form. DNS is mostly used on the internet whenever people type in the site they want to go to instead of typing the IP address of the site that they want to go to they type in the name of the site.
DNS is also used in computer networking they use it for naming the computers on the internet so that the administrator can identify the computers easier on the network. They can use the DNS to identify the computers instead of using the IP addresses, because using the IP addresses would be more complicated so they came up with the DNS to solve the complexity of the networking labeling.
They came up with the DHCP to make it easier for configuring IP addresses because they were having difficulty managing the IP addresses manually so they came up with DHCP to help fix the problem. DHCP helps administrators configure TCP/IP by assigning IP addresses that are unique and preventing duplicates. So that they don’t have problems, and it reduces the complexity of the IP addresses. DHCP also helps by reusing the addresses by reusing the addresses when they are no longer needed by the organization so they can allow the IPv4 addresses last as long as possible.
So the question is, is it worth setting up DHCP for two computers? No it is not because it would