Windows 7 Workgroup Consultation Essay

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Windows 7 Workgroup Consultation
Derick Lucio
Strayer University
Professor Michael Crear
June 02, 2012 Windows 7 Workgroup Consultation Six staff members need to have the same computer-access privileges on a Windows 7 workgroup network. The first initial setup would be to set up a network for these six computers to have access and connect to. After a network is set up, a name will be given for it so that the six computers may be able to access it. The first step to be accomplished for setting up each user account is to manually go to Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings and then change the settings. Then the name can be changed to the user and put under a member of a workgroup. The next thing would be to find the existing workgroup name or to create one so that it can be joined. This process can be completed on each computer for the six user accounts. For each user account the settings would be setup on them to where the users had access to all files, folders, and printers, but for any other performances would require an administrative privilege. This would then be followed by a request for user name and password for the administrator. Two methods that can be used for authentication for network users are username and passwords. Each one of these would be set on two different entry levels. When a user turns on their computer they will be asked to enter a username and password just to be able to log onto the computer. Once entered correctly the user is now able to access their account, but they would still need to enter another username and password to access all files, folders, and printers on the network. This two level username and password process makes it harder to penetrate the user accounts and the network. The disadvantage would be that the users would need two separate usernames and passwords. Plus the users would have the task of remembering two different usernames and passwords, which could get a little complicated at first, but would decrease after numerous usages (Zacker, 201).
Steps to ensure Web-based applications run in protected mode.
Step 1 Open Internet Explorer, go to tools, and then click on internet options.
Step 2 Under internet options, click on security tab.
Step 3 Make sure internet globe icon is highlighted, and then check to see if the Enable Protected Mode is check marked.
Step 4 Next highlight Local Intranet icon, set security level, and make sure the Enable Protected Mode is unchecked.

A firm’s employees can stay safe from internet threats on Internet Explorer 8. Here are a couple of internet attack strategies. The first possible attempt could be via your personal email or company email. Attackers would use the password discovery process to try and guess a password based on the user’s personal information or by pretending they are an administrator requesting their username and password. To safeguard that approach IE 8 introduces SmartScreen which is a set of technologies designed to help protect you from evolving web and social engineering threats (Microsoft Corporation, 2012). Another attack strategy is Cross-site scripting. In this attack an employee could receive an email with a website link which is then clicked and then sent to a website with malicious software that captures keystrokes.