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Intro to Computer Applications

Technically convergence seems to be a growing trend that is harder to avoid then it is to use in my opinion. I myself like things separated as much as possible except for when it comes to my smartphone. That is definitely my favorite mobile device out of all my “bundled” devices. It is mainly the only one I use for multiple purposes. My IPOD is just for music. Its possible to carry internet on it and have multiple uses, but its not my preference because I fall back to my phone. I also have a Kindle Fire, but I also do not carry internet on that or use it for anything but reading. It’s a battle of technology in my house sometimes because I drive my husband crazy with not bundling things together, but a lot of that is our opinions varying on quality over quantity.

Like said before, my phone is my favorite and best example of technology convergence. It is a smart phone that runs on the Google Android operating system. It uses several technologies. I actually use it less as a phone to talk on, but more so to check email. I use it for music because with its operating system it is compatible with ITunes for music and Rhapsody, also for music. It has an 8 mega-pixel camera and a video recorder that records in 1080p. I do use both options if I do not have anything else available, but prefer a digital camera over the phone. I do like having the option though. It has for the most part unlimited internet access. Discussed in the