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A windshield survey was conducted of the Fall Creek community just north of downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. The focus of the survey was an initial assessment and overall impression of the community where the participating family lives.
According to Stanhope and Lancaster, (2012, p.190) community is defined as a "social network of interacting individuals, usually concentrated in a defined territory". Individuals, grocery stores, and hospitals are just a few examples of what makes up a community. Community health refers to "the meeting of collective needs by identifying problems and managing behaviors within the community itself and the relationship between the community and the larger society" (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012, p. 401). Indicators used for assessment of community health include infant mortality rate, number of motor vehicle crashes, childhood poverty rates, lung cancer rates, and other data used to develop a broad definition. The Phrase "community as a client" refers to the focus of nursing in an integrative model for community health promotion.
It is important to remember that community oriented care is population focused, addressing the complex mix of health problems, clients, and levels of care within the system. Partnerships in the context of communities as the clients refer to shared responsibility for outcomes between nursing and the community.

Windshield Survey

A community is a group of people who live in the same area, interact with each other, and share certain norms and values. A community is defined as a locality-based entity, composed of systems of formal organizations reflecting societal institutions, informal groups, and aggregates that are interdependent and whose function or expressed