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Physical Environment
Sunnyside is a community in the southern part of Houston, There are significant amount of hazardous waste in Sunnyside with eight Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reporting facilities, three Large Quantity Generators (LQG) of hazardous waste, two major dischargers, of air pollutants, and a facility which treats, stores or disposes of hazardous waste.

● Boundaries
Sunnyside boundaries are on the North is 610 south loop, it is bounded on the west by State HWY 288 and is south of Downtown Houston. According to M.E, the community is known with this slogan “Sunnyside Pride." ● Housing and Zoning Most of the housing is old and it looks “rundown”. They are made of
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● Fire and Police Services There is Houston Fire Department , which is within Fire District 46 andHouston Police Department which under Southeast Patrol Division. ● Educational Resources Sunnyside is under Houston Independent school district (HISD), from pre k to high school ,it has public library , called W. L. D. Johnson Neighborhood Library, private school, carter school like KIPP. ● Religions Christianity is the major religion in Sunnyside, the church are mostly Baptist church and there is Houston food bank in the civic center.
Business & Industry Business in Sunnyside is mostly grocery stores, gas stations, Pharmacy , auto zone, fast food restaurants ,post office, small business, family operated businesses. Politics I observed a lot of poster of people seeking to be elected into the office, mostly democrats. There are they have voting center, where you see all those seeking election both democrat and republican. Media
The people speak English and they listen to loud hip pop music and fox channel for the entertainment and local channel. Key Informants
Interview a fireman or police office.
Also interview a librarian, school teacher, instructor or administrator.
Ask each person interviewed to share their perceptions of the following: ˃ Community’s Health issues ˃ Community’s Safety issues ˃ Strengths of the