Windsor Castle and Curfew Tower Essay

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Question 3 plan
Remember to back up extra research eg source booklet, guide, website, etc
Evidence that has been provided spans the history of Windsor castle from when it was first built to the 20th century
Site visit alone isn’t enough information alone because it is a tourist attraction and one of the queen’s official residences (1 of 3 official residences)
This means not allowed into certain places
Therefore had to do extra research
Largest inhabited castle
Castle has changed over the years from fortress to palace in the order of -> motte and bailey- stonewall castle – concentric castle
Purpose of almost all the sources are to educate anyone about the construction and development of the castle – source 2, 4,5 and 6
Source 3 has the purpose of an artist impression to illustrate how the castle would have looked on the basis of the artists expression and imagination
Source 8 Purpose for people in the 20th century to have a map the same way we have the modern map
Purpose telling us tourist details and when the sate apartment has been a part of Windsor castle’s tourist attraction
Source 3
Artist impression (limitation) of Windsor as motte and bailey castle. Explains how it used to look. It shows Windsor castle without being the crowded tourist attraction it is today. Isolated without buildings. Envision how it looked. (useful)
Although it is an artist impression it gives a visual idea of how the castle looked in the 11th century.
We can use to see the defence features such as wall, 2 baileys and the original square keep on a hill.
Now keep is circular as we saw in site visit for better defence
Castle was built for defence for William the conqueror
We can see how close the River Thames and how close it is (on our site visit we visually saw how close the River Thames was. (trustworthy)
Secondary source because was not painted in the 11th century.
Compare to the model in workbooklet. Motte and bailey model with one bailey.
Source 4
Sources are a collection of secondary and primary sources. Both images are primary and the writing is secondary.
Painting of curfew tower is an artist impression by paul sandby
Painted many images of Windsor castle
Could be biased because could hgave made it look better than it actually was to impress king George the 4th (limitation)
King George the 4th allowed many painters to paint the castle to show off wealth and power
In work booklet shows another painting by paul sandby which like an accurate painting of the king henry gateway (trustworthy)
The photograph taken in 1950’s shows a similar images to the image (trustworthy)
(Useful) tells us how the tower looked in 1850’s and 1770
Photograph and painting show the change in shape of the curfew tower that was made during the Victorian era.
Curfew tower went from being called the clewer tower and being a dungeon to having a bell that is rung when a monarch dies and shape changing to a D shape. (limitation not original shape)
Shows importance of the monarch
Couldn’t go inside the curfew tower (limitation)
Site visit showed a slope on the corners of the towers
They were used to stop enemies mining under the castle
Curfew tower slopped shape so when soldiers throw things down they bounce on to the enemy
Curfew tower wasn’t as high it used to be as ground level had been risen by George the 3rd who wanted the castle to look like a palace – not need for defence (limitation) site visit evidence
Writing source tells us that the castle was so strong that it kept attackers out in the siege of the Magna Carta. (useful)
Also useful in the sense it tells us the development of the curfew tower
So they build St Georges Chapel because of the order of garter – page number 66 in official souvenir guide.
Shows the beginning of the fortress to castle
Chapel is a fine example of Gothic architecture in lower ward
Compare to source
Number of tombs and memorials are buried e.g. Henry the 8th - page…