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Project:Wine business

Wine exporting from Italy to U.S.A.


With more consumers drinking wine than ever before, the wine industry continues to grow and intrigues more and more people all over the world, bringing exports and consumption records even in countries where it has never been so popular.

US wine consumption reached 311.3 million 9-litre cases in 2011 – equivalent to 3.735 billion bottles.
In addition, the Vinexpo/IWSR five-year forecasts indicate that US wine consumption should continue to grow by 10% between 2011 and 2015.
The U.S. imports far more wine than it exports; approximately $2.3 billion in wine from all over the world.
The top three exporters of wine to the U.S. are Italy (up 11% in 2011), France(about even) and Australia
(down 4% over last year). Combined, those three countries constitute about 54% of all wine imports to the U.S.
That is not too surprising, and shows the strength of Italian wines in the U.S.
Italian wine exports in 2011 were worth more than 4.4 billion euros. The final figures for 2011 announced today by ISTAT indicate compared to 2010 an increase in value of 12% and in volume of 9% for a total of 24 million hl.
The United States, Germany and the United Kingdom are the leading importers in terms of value, respectively with 948, 919 and 509 million euros. The ranking changes in terms of quantity, with Germany and the United Kingdom ahead of the United States, respectively with almost 716,000, more than
338,600 and than 297,300 hl.
More wine is consumed in the United States than any other country providing a boost to major wine exporters. These figures confirm that Italian wine is enjoyed all over the world and especially that Italian producers deserve leadership, with a share of the international market in 2011 of 22%.

The future of italian wine (vino2011 conference new york city)

-Italy has the number one market share in American imports. Of the top 25 imported wines, 11 are Italian.
-Italy is the largest table wine producing country in the world with more than 2500 different indigenous grapes and 20 official wine regions. Elin McCoy, the wine columnist for Bloomberg News and author of The Emperor of Wine, conducted a panel discussion on the future of Italian wine.

-In 2010, Italian wines grew more than any other import category. One of every 4 imported bottles sold last year was Italian.
- Italian production techniques have changed in the last four decades. Italians have adapted, changing their laws and their production techniques to create far better quality over the years, creating a major advantage for the industry that will continue. Jon A. Fredrickson, president of Gomberg, Fredrickson and Associates, a wine industry consulting firm.

Considering the constant and growing consumption of the wine in the Us I think exporting wine from Italy to the US would be a good business.

To start the company I will get into different meetings with Investors , Governament financing programs and a Lawyer to help me out with the following documents requested for exporting:

-Fattura/invoice (type of invoiced must be controlled with the Carrier)

-Dichiarazione Doganal /Toll Declaration (Detailed declaration over the alcoholic content - it is advised to work with a reliable qualified carrier and a custome broker specialized in wine dispatching)

-Documents of transport (not requested but must be ensured with the carrier)

-Etichettatura del vino/ Wine label - mandatory to follow the United States Regulation and report: denomination (pinot grigio, Brand,Type (table wine), Name and address of the producer and exporter,Country of origin,net content (FL.OZ.), Alcohol x% by volume, name and address of the importer,information of the label for the health of the consumer (ex. contains sulfites)