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An Article in The Australian on 28th February 2008 shows how the wine maker Rosemount uses the concept of market segmentation, packaging and sale promotion in order to introduce its new wine.
From the survey of researchers, they found that peoples are now sought more refreshing alcoholic drinks rather than hard liquors. Hence, wine maker Rosemount has come out with a new wine with specifically blended to serve over ice and lightly bubbled with reduced alcohol. Therefore, wine maker trying to use concept of consumer market segmentation to attracts potential consumers. This strategy is to dividing a market into distinct groups of buyers who has different characteristics and behavior(Kotler, Adam, Brown, Armstrong, 2007 p345). Rosemount is targeting gender and interest which are categorized into demographic and psychographic. This strategy is extremely essential to businesses. Car industries could not run their business without having market segmentation. For example, Toyota segments their cars for low income, average income and high income consumers.
On the other hand to attract consumers, Rosemount has also created a special new bottle shape as their packaging strategy. Packaging can be defined as designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product(Kotler, Adam, Brown, Armstrong, 2006 p276). No doubt in recent times, packaging has become an essential marketing tool and most marketers treat it as an element of product strategy either. For example, in an average mini market which stock 50 to 80 types of instant noodles, more than 60% of consumers who purchases instant noodles in this competitive environment are caused by impulse. Therefore the package may be the seller’s last chance to influence buyers. As well as the bottles of wine which produces in Rosemount, typical buyers are looking for something new and distinct to satisfy their wants.
In order to introduce the wine to public, Rosemount will be having a huge