Essay about Wine Strategic Plan

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I. Executive summary
The quality and reputation of wellington wine have a key role to play in strengthening wellington wine’s brand promise of being a vibrant and welcoming place that celebrates the good things in life.

Wellington wines core brand attribute of being Australia’s home of exceptional wine and produce, complements other core brand attributes of un spoilt nature at close proximity, enterprising tradition of creativity and innovation, and a beautiful city and festival spirit.

The Strategic Plan target is to achieve an increase in Australia wine market from $50 billion in 2011-2012 to $57.5 billion in 2012-2013. The wellington strategic Plan identifies the priority strategies to achieve this target. One of these
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* Revenues are not increasing at the same rate, with the result that margins are being squeezed. In fact, the pressure is on to cut prices in the competitive in Australia wine market. It is not clear how long the current combination of rising costs and falling revenues (or soft revenue growth) can be sustained.

III. Competitor & Issues Analysis
The Wellington Wines (pty) Ltd is a successful winery company for the period July 2011-june 2012 for total sales revenue -$ 50 million (AUD) for the next step of the improvement of the continuously competent with the wine market place, Wellington wine (pty) Ltd going to grow up the sales by 15 per cent in the Australia wine market for the year 2012.
The Mudgee region is located on the Central Tablelands of New South Wales and is considered to be a cool climate wine region. The region has a reputation for producing quality wine grapes suitable for super premium and ultra premium bottled wines, with red varieties accounting for nearly Two-thirds of the 2011. However, Mudgee is only a small producing region, accounting for just 4 per cent of New South Wales wine grape production and just over 1 per cent of Australian production in 2011-2012. In another word there is many wine company still stand well in Australia wine market and overseas, there are is:

* Riverland is the largest wine grape producing region in Australia, accounting for 61 per cent of South