winged beast Essay

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The adrenaline rush. The sudden introduction of freedom only to be limited by ability. A rush of rejuvenated excitement only to be thwarted by fear. So many contrasting emotions and yet I had the key in my hands. A joystick that should only exist in video games yet shapes my immediate future in reality. Just as everything seems in control and as my body has nestled in the surprisingly comfortable and supportive chair, a blip appears on the radar. A colorful and cheerful illumination grabs my attention like a baby mesmerized by a shiny object. Yet it approaches in a mysterious manner. Much like a shark fin emerging at the surface only to be found surrounding its target. Only in this instance, it was an AC-130. A military grade weapon of mass destruction. Had a sudden earthquake occurred? No that's impossible! I'm in the air. It was my body that was trembling as goose bumps raced up and down like thousands of ground hogs trapped beneath the surface of my skin wanting to get out. My hand was left shivering yet moist and dripping with sweat. The anxiousness was killing me. Was I to stay my course and hope that the flying fortress will pass by, or was I to divert my course? Just as a sudden impulse sparked movement in my hand, the plane had already changed direction. A comforting figure takes over. One who is experienced and is accustomed to flying with these winged beasts. And I was left to myself. To ponder what the outcome would have been had I remained in control. Would I…