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Wingtip Toys in Queens, New York

A senior network administrator for Wingtip Toys, a medium-sized toy manufacturing company with approximately 100 employees located in Queens, New York. The company is contemplating a migration of its network infrastructure from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008. I have been asked by the senior administrator to perform an analysis for this possible upgrade. Organizations have different reasons and requirements for upgrading or migrating their software and hardware systems. Microsoft defines and publishes a support lifecycle for each of its products. As a system Administrator I recommend upgrading to a newer product before the support lifecycle has ended. For example, CAs running on Microsoft
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Similarly, Microsoft has redesigned Hyper-V so that it can support up to 32 logical processors. The original version of Hyper-V was limited to using 16 logical processors. * Windows Server Backup
Most large organizations have traditionally relied on third-party backup applications. However, many smaller organizations have been stuck using Windows Server Backup (previously known as NTBACKUP). When Microsoft released the first version of Windows Server 2008, it made the decision to completely rebuild Windows Server Backup. Unfortunately, the end result was less than stellar. In R2, Microsoft has done a lot of work to Windows Server Backup to make up for the shortcomings. * Hyper-V
The one that has received the most press is a feature called Live Migration, which allows you to move virtual machines between hosts with no downtime. A lesser known, but equally impressive new feature is the ability to add a virtual hard drive to a virtual machine without having to reboot the virtual machine. The purpose of upgrading the Windows servers is to be able to perform your normal duties quicker and easier. It should save you time and money, and give your company a competitive advantage in a particular industry. If it does these things and you feel it may add value to your business, and you believe you will see