Winn Dixie Case Study Paper

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A. Findings of the research study
“As an employee of the Winn-Dixie working during the week, I spoke to my supervisor personally about our current employee engagement strategies. My boss told me that the current business partnership with southeastern grocers, doesn’t provide us will all the resources needed for an effective and active employee engagement plan. He has been told by many employees, (including myself) that one of the only well known or active resources that the holdings corporation provides us with is the computer program called Gnome. Gnome can actually be thought of as an supported beam gearing towards and effective employee engagement. The website gives employees daily access. A questionnaire is involved as well as games and
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Front line leaders are the regulators of engagement, so even if Winn Dixie came up with great top down ideas, the boss's attitude and amount of communication with their employee’s is the key factor that can shift or change employee engagement.” In this case, Winn Dixie does not have access to an employee engagement strategy written in stone; however communication and a respected workforce is enforced and required within Winn Dixie’s boundaries. Nick has spoken highly on many accounts, about the work environment and his boss. In fact, Nick has his supervisors personal cell number, thus illustrating the confidence or sense of trust and mutual respect between an employee and supervisor. Moreover on many accounts Nick's boss has complimented or commended many to a job well done; he shows appreciation to his employee as an effective source of motivation. However, not every manager is perfect. Although these proven positively effective forms of communication with his employees, employee engagement is a still at a fault due to numerous factors, one being that the employee schedule is chaotic. Those who aren’t attending school simultaneously are allegedly known for being called in at random to come cover someone’s shift or work a couple extra hours. Also, it has been reported that many young employees are hired and then eventually leave to move on to a different line of work. Due to the fact, that Winn Dixie is used as a starting point in life, that “first job”; not suitable for the long