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The Eye Of A Sinner

Hate is a terrible infectious disease, it is present in the human body and mind. Unlike other diseases there is a cure to it, peace. Hatred however can be uncontrollable and expand if you allow it to, as it hatred enlarging it wreaks endless havoc that is shows itself in irrational actions and can lead to violence and overall murder. Tybalts corrupt, uncontrollable vengeance toward humanity lead to his demise in William Shakespeare's’ “The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.”

Tybalt while for his family, his intentions are left in vain. For example, when Tybalt is conversing with Capulet he states, “ Uncle this is a Montague our foe, a villain that is hither come in spite to score at our solemnity this night.”(I.ii.60-62) This exemplifies, Tybalts malevolent behavior arising from his haterade of the Montagues, and is unable to comprise any bit of sympathy toward Romeo. This also reveals Tybalt’s venomous toxic word choice, and the measures he takes to hurt someone emotionally. After speaking with Capulet,Tybalt wrathfully states, “Patients will choler meeting Makes my flesh tremble in their different greeting.” (.,ii.80-81) This also illustrates it’s not in Tybalts monstrous nature to show any length of capacity toward forgiveness or patience. William Shakespeare in his play “The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet demonstrates how Tybalts rage and hateful sinister behavior affects human actions, and overall what is left of his life.

Tybalt's while easily influenced by violence, his aggressive behavior leads to more conflict in the story. For example,when Tybalt asks Romeo to draw his sword he states, “Boy this shall not excuse the injuries that thou hast done me;therefore turn and draw”(III.i.61). This displays how Tybalt is easily insulted after Capulet insists Tybalt leave Romeo alone, and for Romeo crashing the party, and the anger he harbors with him. This also reveals,