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A 6th grade Fairytale

This is a perfect 6th grade fairytale, at least that’s what Abby Silvers thought! It all started on Monday September, 17th. Duane came to his girlfriend’s Katie’s locker. He walked her to car rider. He said he loved her and gave her a quick hug before Katie’s mom seen them. It was true love. 

The next day, Katie and Duane were holding hands walking to her locker. He gave her a big hug and headed to his locker. Abby Silvers (Katie’s arch enemy), was furious! She liked Duane a lot. So, she met Duane at his locker.” Hey there hunky monkey.” She says. “Um, Hi Abby.” He said.” Let’s cut to the chase: you like me, I like you, let’s ditch Katie and go see the new Brad Pitt movie.” “NO!!! “Katie means the world tome and plus I don’t even like you!!!” He says. Katie came to his locker and said,” Ready Babe?” They leave to go to 5th period. “I’LL GET YOU BACK FOR THIS KATIE SULLIVAN!!!” She yells. “No yelling in the hallway Abby.” Mrs. Singleton says as she hands Abby a writing assignment.

On Wednesday, Duane has his arm around Katie. He gives her a small kiss and goes to his locker. Abby was MAD!!!!!! First off, Katie had stolen her man, second, she had gotten her a writing assignment, and third, she just didn’t like Katie! Abby needed a plan and that’s just what she thought of. She hired 8 security guards. 2 of them to kidnap Katie and watch her in a locked up room, 2…