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Aspects and Factors that influence communication

P3: Explain factors that may influence communication and interpersonal interactions in health and social care.
Body language
They say a picture paints a thousand words, and the same can be said for Body language. Body language definitely plays a big role in influencing communication, by observing body language alone it makes it easy for you toidentify whether somebody shows interest or puts value in what you are saying. It also allows you to make pre judgements about an individual. For instance an audience or an individual can perceive a speaker/someone as arrogant based on the body language he makes and not the content. Making body language a priority for effective communication.
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But Ally shown none of the above, instead she portrayed the attributes of a selfish woman, who took joy in seeing the suffering of venerable patients. One particular instant which caught my eye was when Ally poured cold water over a patient, then turned on a fan/Air conditioner in an attempt to make her feel even more cold. All of the staff found this hilarious and were able to look at the funny side to her suffering. However I couldn’t find the funny side to this. Normally, if your superior found out about this, you would be in big trouble and could have your job at risk. However, Ally’s supervisor was watching, and didn’t seem to care at all. If you’re supervisor allows you to get away with things like this, it can possible escalate to even further more cruel forms of abuse. The person who was filming the documentary may not have even seen/caught on camera all the events that took place, there could have been many more cruel abusive acts towards the patients.
Outcome 12:
Requirements relating to workers:
Strategies for overcoming communication barriers:
CRB check
The crb tells us if the person has ever been in trouble with the police or has been sacked from a similar job for an act of violence or abuse.
Staffs need to be interviewed before considered a place of employment.

To asses whether the employee to be is capable of verbal interaction, to also get a feel of what work he may have done in the past. Find out whether they have an