Winthrop Summary Christian Charity Essay

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Anna Dean
Michelle Steil
English 101, Sec 12
22 Oct 2012
A Model of Christian Charity: Summary

A Model of Christian Charity is a sermon by John Winthrop. He gives this sermon aboard the Arbella in 1630. John Winthrop began his and his Christian's journey with words for guidance and inspiration. He starts his sermon by stating that God created the rich and the poor. He created them for different reasons, in order to manifest his exertion in the areas of mercy, love, gentleness, faith, patience and obedience. Religion is used as a way of connecting with the Puritans. He also uses references from the bible to prove his points. He talks about how God has created the three laws, and how if you follow them you will be
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They have been following God’s laws and they must continue. He holds this contract against them, they simply shouldn’t break it. He says that they will be judged if they decide to break the contract they have made with God. Thirdly, the love is a heavenly and nature free, permanent which draws them closer to God. Fourthly, it lies in the happiness of its beloved. With all of these, the Puritans would be together as one with the name of Christ. Winthrop wanted to unite the Puritans that would change the world, with serving God as a community. Mostly, he wants the puritans to keep their promise and remember their faith throughout their journey, and to always stay faithful to God. Winthrop wants the puritans to support one another through their journey for religious liberty. Throughout this journey in their new world create a loving society through God’s laws. As long as the puritans don’t break the contract with God, they won’t face judgment. In the end to just love with a pure heart and that to always remember that life is the most precious gift of