Wireless Electricity

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Wireless Electricity
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This paper goes into great detail about how wireless electricity effects one as a consumer. Before addressing all the savings and the diminishing of environmental pollutants one receives as a benefit from using wireless electricity, the production and distribution of the energy will be addressed. Also described in this part will be how efficient the transportation of the electricity is. Research is also discussed on the different networks and how the perform more efficient than wired electricity. Prices and savings are discussed along with who is responsible for paying certain costs. The lifecycle of recycling energy is detailed in the paper. Also stated in the paper is the process of the lifecycle and the equipment and materials needed to run this type of energy saving program. Included in this paper are some comparisons of wired and wireless electricity. After looking at a lot of research done on this subject, I do agree that one benefits greatly as a consumer when using wireless electricity. When using wireless electricity, more than just oneself benefits from the use. With the use of wireless in comparison to wired, the environment is protected from less hazardous materials escaping into the atmosphere.

Wireless Electricity This part of the paper is to introduce and explain how wireless electricity affects the consumer economically. After reading the information that was gathered and then applying it to this paper, more consumers will become more interested in doing some research on their own into this issue. The use of wireless electricity improves not just one’s economic status but also our economy as a whole.
How Wireless Electricity Works According to research done by Shen (2012), he found that solar power distributes more power in the world than wired electricity. By the year 2020, solar energy will be contributing 2.3percent of the power used throughout the world. By 2030 the percentage will rise to 8.8. Overall solar power has shown proof to save consumers money throughout the years. Along with distribution comes production. With the old power grid that is being used today to produce electricity, people are paying more for their usage. The reason why is, when using energy one also produces it. When using wired electricity, one sends electricity back to the grid. This is why one’s old usage of electricity is no longer good for today’s economy. As consumers, one needs to try different ways of obtaining electricity such as solar energy (Shen, 2012). In another research found, Shen’s theories and conclusions were agreed upon. Shen’s research matched closely to the findings of Akyol, Kirkham, Clements, and Hadley (2010). Their research concluded that wireless communications are more reliable with the distribution of their services than wired communication. As far as production, with wireless services there’s no costly construction needed for digging trenches like when using wired communication. They also state, distribution is very important to changing the ways of receiving electricity. For example, with wired communications if there’s a fault to the electrical lines, one would lose all communications. With wireless communications this isn’t a factor. From their research, one can conclude that wireless communications are reliable in regards to distribution and production. Since the current power grid of today is no longer considered effective, more and more companies are installing “smart grids” (Shen, 2012, p. 2). Both wired and wireless communications can use these smart grids. Transportation is faster with the wireless communications. Transporting information through wireless communication can also be dangerous. For example, anyone can report fake information over radio systems, which can be heard by many people. This could cause severe panic and outrage. Security is a factor with the transportation of information via wireless