Wisdom that Reveals Essay

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12 October 2013
Wisdom that Reveals
As we take our first steps we aim farther to seek, to know and to understand uncertainty at our glance. Life as we grow up becomes complicated for we are the captain of our life and we got to deal with unusual occurrences that would test our capabilities. As they’ve said things weren’t always be learned inside the lecture halls, but in the mean streets of life. Life essentials wouldn’t be possible without education thus education is the deeper meaning of experience.
College is a consolidation of our goal it exposes us to the complexity of life based on real life situation that would withhold our perspective and belief as a weapon for survival. My parents do firmly believe that education is the only thing in your life that wouldn’t be taken by anyone else.
Scholarships are basically for educational goals that would make student’s goals attainable. This journey is the start of being me against the world spreading my wings to fly and conquer as I made my way to a better future life for my family and indeed for myself. If I got this reward money this would be strictly for my school-related fees like books and other related events that would get me involved in the community. I’m not the type of student who wonders what to wear as long as I’m comfortable and neat to look at. Another concern is food the idea is as long as I have healthy food particularly meals with protein, vegetables and fruit inside my knapsack that should satisfy my…