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I see myself working in New York City for a wonderful publication I love and with people I enjoy working with very much. I am back home where I belong! I see myself living in New York City, my big dream come true, in a wonderful neighborhood in Greenwich Village with great neighbors who care about each other and a rent that I can easily afford. I'm doing so well in my career and I'm happy beyond measure. I am writing book! I write about being invisible, disappearing and what that might be like. I write celebrity biographies and work with great stars who are open and willing to share their journeys with me. They are happy to give me byline credit for writing the book and I earn at least six figures for these books. I am open to other books as well.

My talents are being recognized and supported more and more each day.

I create wealth for myself and enjoy being financially responsible for myself. I learn how to care for my money as I would any other aspect of my life. It feels great to take care of myself in this way.

I travel the world for work and pleasure and it is wonderful! I enjoy my life so much. It is a joy for me to be on the planet at this time.

I have a wonderful man in my life who is perfect for me. That is another great joy in my life.

Throughout this adventure, I give back to others in big ways and small in my whimsical way. Maybe an anonymous coin on the sidewalk or some money sent discretely to someone in need. I am happy to pay it forward.