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argument 和conclusion!!!

hi,everyone!!! today i wanna talk about a topic that i know u guys must be very familiar with,because we knew it when we were little,we heard about it and they appeared in fary tails a lot.they also appeared in so many amazing movies. it's witches! so does anyone watch some movies that has witches in it?ok,i'll tell u some that u must watched before.
,like harry porter,The Lord of the Rings,white princess,etc.

but unfortunately i will tell u something about witches mainly in Medieval Europe and in the play Macbeth.but don't be sad, i got something interesting for u guys.just look forward to it!

ok,first i will introduce to u that what is witch.

witch refers to female wizard who is able to use magic. these are some pictures about we can see,they are usually women,with brooms,in black clothes ,wear a black hat,and look very old and ugly. even sometimes a little scaring.they often use a caldron 'kɔːldrənto make poison and add animal parts,even human parts,which i know is very disgusting! next,maybe the least boring part of my presentation is that i got a video which is about witches in harry porter.and i know u guys will be interesting! ok,then let's talk about witches in medieval Europe. plz don't fall asleep~~~ the most important event happened at that period is witch trail.
The witch trials (also known as the witch hunt) is one of the ways that medieval Christian persecution of the pagans, victims are USUALLY women. The main purpose is to maintain the papal authority, eradicate ɪ'rædɪkeɪt heresy. this the picture about the event.

my opinion:引出argument now we see the wired sisters in Macbeth! as we all know that the wired sisters play an essential role in the play,but what is the deep meaning of them?what relation they have with Macbeth?and why Shakespeare describes them a lot? we are gonna discuss about that!
Actually there exists an argument about it.some people believe that witches stand for another Macbeth,they exists in Macbeth's heart deeply.they are Macbeth's desire and ambition.While other people think witches are sent by devil and