Witch's Honey Depo: A Short Story

Words: 168
Pages: 1

"Oh hello, welcome to Old Witch's Honey Depo. Do you want a free sample of the sweetest honey of the bees?" The lady winked. Saige's eyes grew wide.

"Yes, oh yes, please!" The old lady handed it to her, and she thanked her.

"Run along now, and tell Horace I said hello!" When the lady saw the confused look on Saiges face she said, "You'll find out soone enough."Saige quickly opened the gate, ran out, and climbed up the fence to where the wolf couldn't get her.

"Oh wolf, I have something for you! Open wide!" The wolf hesitantly opened his mouth, and Saige dropped some honey in. He quickly vanished. Saige figured he disappeared back to where he last was when he was a man. She was happy she want eaten. Know she could go find the bathroom.