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With all of Goodyear’s successes, failures soon followed after. For successes, Goodyear was a determined individual when it comes to his inventive spirit. He successfully discovered how to vulcanize rubber and made it more useable to the consumer. But his lack of the business side led him to fall from intellectual property disputes. He was successful at acquiring capital for his projects but his lack of education in chemistry and engineering made it difficult to hasten to discovery process, which lead him further in debt. And through all of his trial and error, his family and friends were there to help and support him and his family, so you can say that he was successful in having such a great support structure.
But overall, Goodyear wanted to be successful in making rubber a more usable and diverse product, which he succeed in, but failed to make a business out of this discovery. Goodyear had goals for this discover but did not devise a suitable business plan to meet his goals with this product.

There are several events that lead Goodyear to collect little profit. Goodyear was focused on making a business on improving consumer goods and selling consumer goods. And as the economy started to drop, there were fewer and fewer customers purchasing consumer goods, which caused Goodyear to lose money. Another instance that caused Goodyear to collect profit was dues to his sales of non-vulcanized rubber, which resulted in numerous returns of his products. Also, Goodyear has