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With the exception of a passing reference, software was hardly mentioned as part of the conversation. And yet, software will make or break the SafeHome product line. The engineering effort will succeed only if SafeHome software succeeds. The market will accept the product only if the software embedded within it properly meets the customer’s (as yet unstated) needs. We’ll follow the progression of SafeHome software engineering in many of the chapters that follow.

1.8 S U M M A R Y Software is the key element in the evolution of computer-based systems and products and one of the most important technologies on the world stage. Over the past 50 years, software has evolved from a specialized problem solving and infor- mation analysis tool to an industry in itself. Yet we still have trouble developing high- quality software on time and within budget. Software—programs, data, and descriptive information—addresses a wide array of technology and application areas. Legacy software continues to present special challenges to those who must maintain it. Web-based systems and applications have evolved from simple collections of in- formation content to sophisticated systems that present complex functionality and multimedia content. Although these WebApps have unique features and require- ments, they are software nonetheless. Software engineering encompasses process, methods, and tools that enable complex computer-based systems to be built in a timely manner with quality. The software process incorporates five framework activities—communication, planning, modeling, construction, and deployment—that are applicable to all software proj- ects. Software engineering practice is a problem solving activity that follows a set of core principles. A wide array of