Without Roger Williams Essay

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Most people go through life not worrying about others thoughts, just throwing stereotypes around without any justification or knowledge of the person being alienated. Some are ungrateful for the religious freedom that most of us are able to carry. Some do not realize the fight that people went through over 300 years ago to gain religious freedom and work through and around the profiling given by the hierarchy of society. No one worked harder for the freedoms to be provided and stereotypes to be dissolved than Roger Williams. Without the influence of Roger Williams we wouldn't be able to live the way we live today. Without the influence of Roger Williams America wouldn't be a free country. America has many different religions like Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, and Hindu. If Roger Williams never write The Bloudy Tenent of Perseccution ect. they would be physically and violently forced to be Christians. People should follow their conscience and not be persecuted for doing so, as it says in The Bloudy Tenent. This also goes along with the First Amendment of The Bill of Rights. The first Amendment says that people have the right the speak freely without the government interfering. It also says you can be apart of, worship, not worship, or be apart of any religion. That is religious liberty. Without that weather we liked it or not everyone would be Christians and I wouldn't be able to speak my opinion about anything in the country or I would be punished. Nobody would…