Essay about Witness: Education and Compulsory Cleaning Duty

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Dear Parents and Friends,
The correct definition of school rules is “The rules which a school requires pupils to obey for safety, good discipline”. However, some of the rules that have to be followed does not affect a person’s safety or discipline. Some of school rules such as compulsory cleaning duty or some rules regarding the uniform of a student is mainly done in order follow socially accepted conventions. This is normally done in order to increase the reputation of the school.
Forcing students to follow these rules would cause them to feel resented and would cause negative behavior. This in turn may affect their academic achievements. Studies have shown that many students feel that school rules are unfair even after a teachers explanation about the rules. This therefore like I mentioned before would cause resentment and negative behavior by the students.
Some of the rules put into effect will also challenge a persons identity. This will be a major problem as the students can’t be themselves due to the school rules that have to be followed. For an example, a person would feel uncomfortable wearing a tie. However, as per school rules students are forced to wear a tie and will result in that student to be uncomfortable throughout the student life. This issue will affect a lot once they leave school. When they leave school they will have to interact with the society more and then they will think as to whether show the identity he had throughout his or her school life or