Witness Film Essay

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The film Witness(underline witness), Directed by Peter Weir was famous in 1984. This film is about two cultures clashing with each other the Amish and The Western Society and a story line of a murder crime. “A big city cop who knows too much...His only evidence: A small boy who’s seen too much”. The main character of this film is Harrison Ford as John Book. Today I will be talking about two of the themes Peter Weir uses in the film ‘Witness’. They are the clash of two worlds and power.
The first theme that I would like to speak about is the clash of two worlds ‘The Amish’ and ‘The Western Society’. This theme, Weir has made a clear comparison between the two worlds. They could not work together in harmony because of the differences in
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While watching the film us viewer could clearly see how Rachel is having problem with the way Book dealt with violence. She does not like it because of her belief and the way she grew up in her culture where violence are forbid. The evidence that clearly show how she felt about violence is ‘I just don’t like my son spending time with a man who carries a gun and goes around whacking people.’
With this problem the character of Rachel was then to face the problem between the feeling she has for Book and her culture and family. She tries ways to make Book understand her culture and for him to become an Amish man, but for Book he was born and raised up in a world fill with violence that he could not understand and adapted to the lifestyle Rachel is living in. For Rachel she could not leave the world she is living in and go with Book because she will then have to face the outside world that is a complete stranger to her and leave behind her son. From this we could see the huge difference between the two worlds for individuality and the connection of love they had, and because of the clash of two worlds and the difference of their culture Rachel and Book are in forced to be apart from each other at the end because both are not willing to leave behind their culture and their