Essay On Witness To Jonestown

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Witness to Jonestown Jonestown, when you first told us about this and what happened I couldn’t wait see the movie. Not because I was anxious to see the people die, but to see exactly how and why people did this. Growing up we are told that no one man could and should have that much power over people. But this man, Jim Jones, was so powerful I couldn’t believe what I was watching at times while the movie was on. This man took control over people’s lives he had control over how they live, where they lived and what they lived for. But when you asked the question, “What’s our opinion on the people killing themselves and whether they were forced or did it willingly?” My opinion is that everybody who was there had a choice to “Drink the Kool-aid” or to not drink it. Nine hundred and eighteen people dead, because they didn’t have the power to tell this man no. Jim Jones while a powerful man, still in my eyes is not powerful enough to tell me to kill myself. The people who died wanted to die they were so tied up into this life that I think they jumped at the chance to die alongside Jim Jones. But the choice wasn’t to be made at the time when the cup was placed in their hand; to me the choice should have been made long before that when he called his self “God” that’s when the choice should have been made to leave and have nothing to do with what was going on with his church and everything he had going. I get it this man was powerful but he is still man, a human that has the