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What Actually Happened I was running by the mountain. I noticed the war that was occurring, it seemed very frightening and intense as I got closer to the battlefield. Rocks were falling off the mountain, I sprinted extremely hard, dodging every single one of them. I thought I was going to get squashed like a pancake. I slipped my ring on just for safety precautions. Getting closer to the battlefield I could see the wizard - it was Gandalf. Excited enough to see him I quickly joined him, he was ordering the elves around telling them when to strike. The field began to creep with this thick black smoke. It turned the weather upside down, rain was pouring like never before. Thunder was crackling, ruining the spirits of the elves. All of the sudden a blue flame shoots toward Gandalf. Without him noticing I screamed,
“Gandalf duck!” Gandalf was in a world of tragedy, until I tackled him and saved him. The Wizard’s at was singed and melting apart. Gandalf looks at and observes carefully.
“I know what kind of person launched this flame, but, but he shouldn’t be here. Not now he shouldn’t!”
I scratch my head confused at what Gandalf was saying.
“Gandalf who is it that you’re talking about?”
He looked at me in fear, like I’ve never seen before. “It is the almighty wizard: Bardone, also known as my older brother. I thought he was dead long ago, but I can’t see him anywhere?”
A figure materialized behind Gandalf.
“It makes me sad brother that you thought I was dead. I haven’t seen you in ages, we both have grown old, but my ways have changed unlike yours.” Him being alive wasn’t the only thing that shocked Gandalf, it was his appearance too.
Gandalf turned quickly and a tear fell from his eye. I have never seen Gandalf tear up like this. When i could clear my eyes from the debris I looked at Bardone. It was like he was split into two and put back together. His right side was wizard flesh, but his left side (including his face and eye) was green and very much like a goblin’s flesh.
Going into a flashback, wayyy before when Gandalf and Bardone were young in their mid 100s; when their hair was brown and their beards were half the length they are now. They were on a mission to slay the Witch Queen after she had killed one of the wizards. Gandalf and Bardone were considered the “elite few” which was a very difficult rank to achieve. On their way Bardone noticed some footprints, he got on one knee, picked up the dirt and dropped it.
“Witches were here, we should try to stay away from them as much as we can so we don’t make the Queen suspicious.” Gandalf nodded.
As they were creeping through the forest toward the castle Gandalf notices something, it was bright shining through the night. A spear was heading towards them. Gandalf deflected it with his magic and alarmed Bardone. They both stood against each others backs looking to see what threw that. Out came the Queen with witches surrounding the premise. It seemed like no way out for them (but there was). The Queen spoke in a very harsh manner.
“What is the meaning of you sum wizards creeping through MY forest!” she circled them studying their behavior.
“Gandalf listen to me closely you must run, I’ll hold them off just run and don’t turn back,” whispered Bardone.
“What about you, I can’t just leave you. You won’t make it I know it,” whispered Gandalf.
“Look, I’ll be fine don’t worry just go!” as Bardone said this the Queen lunged at a tree causing it to fall over towards the wizards. Bardone pushed Gandalf out of the way saving him, but not himself. Gandalf fell