Wizard Of Oz Theme Analysis

Words: 1875
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Final Paper In the story the “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” there are various themes and use of symbolism. Childhood is one of the major themes. Dorothy is the essential child protagonist, for she is unassuming, open-minded, simple, and frank. Independence and believe in one’s self is also very important theme in the story because all the major characters in the story think they lack something which they had all along. I believe that the importance of friendship is also an important theme for this story because Dorothy and the rest of the characters must rely on each other so Dorothy could get back home and the other characters get what they desire so much. One last theme that I thing applies to this novel is home because sometimes people don’t value home until they leave.
Dorothy's childhood is much the same as a many people's childhoods in which they think that their home appears to be dull and exhausting, and a journey is welcome and exciting. When people are young they do not think of the consequences of
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To begin with, Dorothy's dog companion Toto is very special because he can bring light and satisfaction into her life. Despite that, the considerably more articulated advantages of friendship originate from Dorothy's connections with the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Lion. Each of the three give enthusiastic and physical help to the Dorothy as she goes to the Emerald City to attempt and return to Kansas. Her companions give guidance and exhortation and together take care of the excursion's thorniest issues. They are her defenders and, although she is not especially profound, her friends. Every one of them three volunteer to go with her on her last leg of the excursion to Glinda's stronghold, in spite of the fact that they all had different obligations to satisfy. All things considered, it is impossible Dorothy would have become extremely far without them. Friendship in this story is