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Mario Cuellar, Bio 280
July 17, 2014
Dennis Kostac


Biodiversity sounds like a scary word, but it is one of the most essential functions an ecosystem must always have in order for species to adapt to new environments and keep moving forward by evolving to be more successful to their environment or environments. This is the way of conservation biology.
Conservation Biology
This particularly Conservation biology is the scientific study of the nature and status of earth's biodiversity all for the aim of protecting species biodiversity, and the wholeness of ecosystems from premature extinction from outside influences, mainly us humans.
Is the degree, in which life varies, this refers to genetic variation, species and even ecosystems variation in any particular area, mainly our planet. You can say fish are very bio-diverse because there are thousands of species of fish as opposed to humans whose branch of species only holds us and even if you include all primates, fish are still way more diverse than humans.
In a few words a species is classified as the largest group of individuals that can breed and procreate together. With this being said biologists have ways of classifying how those same species are doing. Endangered refers to species that are threatened in other words species that are close to becoming endangered, close to extinction. Extinction is in one word every single individual of that species dead, gone from the face of the planet to never return, like dinosaurs. A species that is threatened in our current times are species like the koala threatened because their environment is being threatened. Endangered species here in California we have vultures and even wolves at one time.
In biodiversity of species ecologist look at key players in how they