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Client Paper

Keisha Zachary
December 12, 2014
Mrs. Catherine Jenkins

Today society brings on different problems that one will face. In the human service field, helpers and case manager professional endure individuals and families with many different personal problems. Every person and or family will handle their problems differently, however they still exist. As a human service professional, we are trained to develop many skills that can help enhance a person conditions for the better and other times for the worse depending on the issue and or individual. Typically when a problem exists within a client it can be disturbing and cause discomfort. McClam and Woodside indicate a professional must solve the issue with a positive approach (2012).
Every client is different; however each client faces a range of different problems. Some problems have quick solutions while other may require more time. The range of problems facing human service clients today includes the following:
1. Development Problems- Happens over the lifespan of an individual. The development problem include things like trust vs mistrust, autonomy vs shame and doubt, initiative vs guilt, industry vs inferiority, identity vs role confusion, intimacy vs isolation, generativity vs stagnation, and ego integrity vs despair which all play a major role in human development.
2. Situational Problems- Happen when a problem already exists and the individual has nothing to do with the problem and he or she has is mixed up in the problem that is not their problem. For example a married couple getting a divorce with children. This is a major problem for the children because they are affected from the problems their parents are facing. This type of problem also includes things such as violent crimes, natural disaster or even an accident.
3. Hierarchical Problem- Happens when an individual is having trouble meeting his or her own needs. McClam & Woodside indicate that hierarchy begins with the most basic of physical human needs and ends with the need of individuals to become self-actualized to strive to develop their understanding of themselves and their environment (2012). For example: trouble getting clothes, water, food, or shelter.
4. Societal Problem-Happens whenever a person is not within their comfort zone and or put in another environment. For examples: Homeless people that once has a home such as single parent-household, young people moving out of foster care, unemployment, elderly, ex-offenders, youth abandoned by their families or even victims of domestic violence.
These types of issues vary from person to person and family to family. It is important that the helper understand how the client looks at the current situation, since there can be a difference of opinions. As a human service professional it is important to look and find solutions to better address the issues at hand. Since the range of issues are faced by human service clients daily, it is important that human service professional understand the crisis so that they can better serve the purpose.

Skills that can be used by a human service professional to help clients with issues include things such a proper communication. Proper communication is the foundation and the beginning of a new start for clients that are suffering from personal misunderstanding within their life. Since clients expires tragedies or failure in life there are less receptive to people they don’t know. So getting help and having proper communication established amongst the client and the helper help the client feel more comfortable being able to accept the help.
There are varies ways to establish communication such as verbal message, nonverbal message, listening and responding, and even asking questions. Each of these skills has its own techniques and can either help the client or discourage him or her. A non- verbal message is behavior body language that includes a person’s posture, tone of voice, gestures,