Res/351 Week 3 Individual Assignment

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Lee Gomez
RES/351 Business Research
Tuesday August 12, 2014
Week 3 Individual Assignment
Mr. Mancini

Research study is a crucial aspect when it comes to identify a particular issue which does not always involve science even through the comparison is like science. For example: Artistic research; Geographical research; Historical research; Legal research; Medical research; scientific research; Space research. Research allows us to evaluate through two distinct types, primary research, is the collection of data that do not already exist, and secondary research, and is a summary, collation and/or synthesis of existing research. Variables that is a problem, are able to break down by first, identify the problem, next, review the literature to similar studies that have been conducted, then, you clarify the purpose of the study with clear define terms and concepts. Next, you define the population, develop the instrumentation plan. Then, you collect data and finally, you analyze the data.
Identifying, developing, and moving sustainable communities through renewable energy states that the purpose for this research is to provide the poor that lives out from civilization energy in their home and community. The energy source will be by line extensions or solar panels. The research questions are as follows: 1. where in the Philippines be considered poor or poverty? 2. Why is it important that people in these remote areas have energy when they cannot afford it? 3. Would the poverty level consist of males or females or both? 4. Is the research hands on with the community? What is used to find out certain outcomes of change onto the communities?
The insights derived from the research work will enable the design of better programs aimed at the BOP. Positive outcomes can be expected to come from improved effectiveness and efficiencies of current approaches and possible new opportunities for leveraging current efforts by governments and civil society with business (Santiago and Roxas, 2012). The overall outcome of this research is that it will sustainably enhance to the current interventions aimed for “bottom of the pyramid” (BOP).
The purpose of packaging in developing countries is to identifying and describing supply chain needs regarding packaging. Have to collect data base on the review of internal company documents, semi-structured interviews with industrial experts and field observations. The paper shows that secondary packaging is a vital supply chain component in these countries and that there are extensive interactions between packaging and the supply chain. The findings constitute a list of supply chain