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Performance Management Plan
Camille D. Thrasher
July 13, 2015
Dr. Kathleen Kemmer
Performance Management Plan

A strong performance management framework is essential to the success of Bollman hotel chain. A successful management plan requires the alignment of our business strategy, the organizational philosophy must be considered, a job analysis must be conducted to include skills necessary for employees, and , and a successful delivery method for effective performance feedback. The process of performance management has become increasingly more popular since 1980. This process involves individuals of an organization performing at their highest level, individually as well as in teams, to better all involved (Dransfield, 2000). This paper will provide recommendations including those listed previously.
Organizational Business Strategy
Organizational business strategies are developed from a company’s mission and objectives. The Bollman Hotel chain centers all jobs on fulfilling the mission of the company. Reaching these goals will contribute to the long term strategic plan and ensure success and sustainment of the company.
An organized way for management to keep the Bollman staff on track to achieve these goals set, is to incorporate a management by objectives system (MBO) (Cascio, 2013). An MBO system was developed by Peter Drucker in the early 1950’s. This system can assist management and the employees of the Bollman Hotel to achieve greater efficiency. A MBO system can also help to motivate employees and encourage commitment and work towards a desired result or goal (Drucker, 2003). Implementing an MBO would require that employees have a few measureable goals covering aspects of their jobs. This type of planning will ensure that results are reached, not just activities. Supervisors will need to schedule periodic reviews to ensure the employees are progressing towards reaching the goals set. Supervisors should recognize any issues the employee is having and be able to address and make recommendations to correct problems (Drucker, 2003). Organizational Performance Philosophy
Bollman Hotel remains a leader in the industry by maintaining an organizational performance philosophy that rewards its employees with rewards for excellent performance on the job. By having a clearly defined performance philosophy, the efforts of the supervisors and employees will help to reach the company’s goals and mission. “Consistency in performance reviews, motivation and a positive culture in the workplace, and reviews that are conducted fairly with transparency all contribute to a successful performance management system” (Kaleen, 2013). Employees at all levels of employment need to communicate regularly with supervisors regarding their performance. It is vital for employees to be accountable for their actions and play and active role in the planning of their development and training. Supervisors and upper level management should be trained to recognize excellent performance and be able to coach employees to improve performance (Kaleen, 2013). It is also important for supervisors and upper level management ensure that the employees have the correct tools and training necessary to achieve company goals and missions. Bollman Hotel chain is responsible for providing a fair and ethical performance management system, while encouraging communications between upper level management and supervisors, and provide ample time to conduct performance management successfully.
Job Analysis A job analysis is important for many reasons. It helps human resource managers in deciding incentives and compensation packages for particular positions and determines the policies necessary for employees to achieve organizational goals and objectives (Chang & Kleiner, 2002). A thorough job analysis will help HR create and establish what type of employee needs to be hired to fulfill the job .Bollman Hotel will conduct job analysis for its