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Ethical Standards

Holly King

EDD 557

April 20, 2015

Gwendolyn Dashiell

In the field of psychology, as in any other scientific field, researchers are bound to a myriad of ethical standards to ensure that the experimentation is performed in a safe, controlled manner. When using humans as subjects, psychological researches must ensure that the subject remains unharmed, that the subject has full knowledge of any possible risks associated with the experiment and that the subject’s participation remains confidential when results are reported (Boyd & Bee, 2013). Safety of the participant is the number one concern for a psychological researcher. According to ethical standards for research on humans, it is inappropriate to have subjects participate in “research that may cause permanent physical or psychological harm” (Boyd & Bee, 2013, p. 26). While it is best practice to engage in experimentation that prevents all harm to participants, the research community recognizes that this is not always the case. For example, during research, a participant may unearth previous life experiences that were traumatic which can be classified, by some, as inducing psychological harm (Boyd & Bee, 2013). The researcher is still permitted to perform the experimentation so long as he clearly outlines a method for rectifying any potential damage that immediately results for participation in the research (Boyd & Bee, 2013). Secondly, and equally important, psychological researchers are obligated to ensure that participants are aware of any potential harm that they may endure by participating in the research (Boyd & Bee, 2013). In fact, this ethical obligation is so signigicant that researchers must prepare written consent forms for participants to review and sign prior to the beginning of any study (Boyd & Bee, 2013). Participants older then seven years of age, parents of participants (if the participant is a minor) and directors of institutions where research may take place such as a school fall under the umbrella of individuals required