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Embedded assessments are when teachers get the opportunity to monitor their students work and see what kind of progress was made throughout the course. Authentic (performance) assessments include some kind of task for the student to perform for which they will be evaluated on. It also evaluates thinking skills. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of assessment? Embedded assessments costs are reduced and student motivation is high because it is part of a course activity. It is more like to demonstrate more of specific curricular needs and deficiencies. The disadvantages for this testing are Faculty commitment is essential. Coming to an agreement among faculty on an assessment approach is challenging. Most of the time there is no comparable data. Authentic (performance) assessments provide teachers with greater detail about a student’s performance than a multiple choice test. Seeing the students work instead of just seeing test score gives teachers the chance to engage with their students on their learning and interests. Some disadvantages to this assessment would be it cannot test as much material as multiple choices. Validity is also in question with the Authentic (performance) assessments. When would it be appropriate to use each type of assessment? I think that any time throughout the course each assessment should be given so that each student as the same advantages as the other student. All students think and learn differently.