A Brief Note On Reasoning Aptitude

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Reasoning Aptitude
Student: ABCD
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Reasoning Aptitude
Reasoning aptitude is the innate ability to learn quickly new skills. After taking the reasoning aptitude assessment, I got an understanding strengths and improvement areas that I need to work upon.
The reasoning test from this week shows that I am focused, and I will fit well in careers where success comes from applying practical skills and where thinking is used mostly to solve practical problems. My competencies shows strength in delivering results by focusing on customer needs, consistently achieve project goals, setting clearly defined objectives, taking initiative and responsibility for actions, arriving at quick and clear decisions, adapting to change by accepting new ideas, coping with pressure by maintaining positive outlook at work, keeping emotions under control during difficult situations, and handle criticism well.
Knowing these skills will help me work in teams and help the team establish clear goals, achieve desired goals using interpersonal strength, and my flexibility to change will effectively help me negotiate within teams as problems and relationships regularly change within teams.
The aptitude assessment also reflects areas where I will require adjusting myself in effectively working with teams. The areas that calls for improvement are dealing with political issues like praising others’ views and also linking my views’ with others to help them see my point of view, be consistent…