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Juliana Gonzalez
HRM 531
December 15, 2014
Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection Strategies
Recruitment and selection strategies ensure the organization selects the best candidates for the job. The Casual Café is a franchise of restaurants located in large cities across the United Sates. The company will be opening a location in Atlanta, Georgia in the downtown area and one in Fulton County and must staff these locations. The downtown area is a popular location for restaurants and nightlife that spans over ten blocks and Fulton County is the fastest growing area in the greater Atlanta area. It is important for the new location to be a success to ensure the strong brand reputation of the company is not damaged and the location is profitable. In order to ensure the success of the location the most talented and experienced workers must be hired.
Organizational Goals The Casual Café currently has 25 locations in large cities across the nation with a goal to open at least one restaurant in each of the fifty states in the next five years as well as to branch out into the global market. One of the most important aspects of the current success of the restaurant chain is their unique dining experience. At the Casual Café guest dine on delicious country soul foods while enjoying a twenties nightclub theme. Diners enjoy blues and jazz while eating delicious country foods. The first restaurant opened in Memphis, Tennessee in 2007 with ten employees. Seven years later the restaurant has over 1500 employees and is growing steadily. The current annual net revenue of the company is $10,000,000. The company is expecting a three percent revenue growth in the next five years with the opening of another additional 25 locations throughout the United States and two locations in Canada. Current employee turnover for the business is high at 18% but this is not uncommon in the restaurant industry. Another goal of the company is to reduce the employee turnover rate while increasing the current workforce to ensure the opening restaurant can perform properly.
Forecasted Demographics Changes The current population of Atlanta, Georgia is 481,968 residents. The forecasted population in the next five years will be $550,000 with a growth of 4.19% (ARC, 2014). Between April 1, 2013 and April 1, 2014, the 10-county Atlanta region added 52,700 new residents (ARC, 2014). The largest number of these residents where located in Fulton County. This county had an increase of 12,700 in population in 2013 (ARC, 2014). The populations consists of 54% African American, 38.4% white Americans, and 5.2% Hispanic. The median household income is $46,631with 25% of the population living at or below the poverty rate.
The current unemployment rate in Atlanta, Georgia is 9.4% which is forecasted to drop. There are currently 53,000 jobs in the Atlanta area. It is projected that within a three year period the unemployment rate will drop an additional three percent. The Atlanta job market is growing at a rapid pace. It is projected that Atlanta will experience a 2.1 percent growth rate in 2014 which is above the national growth rate of 1.8 percent (Chapman, 2013). The current housing market is slowly rising with a projected 20% growth rate in 2014 (Chapman, 2013).
Projected Workforce Needs The goal of the Casual Café is to open 25 additional locations across the United States in the next five years and two locations in Canada. Two of these locations will be located in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Each location operates at full capacity with sixty employees. This includes wait staff, kitchen staff, management, and nightclub singers/pianists. The projected number of employees in the Atlanta area will be 120 while the projected number of employees for the organization in the next five years will be 1620 additional employees.
Workforce Diversity Objectives
Establish a diversity program
Establish diverse workforce policy that adheres to