Human Observation

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Human Observations
Maria Trotter
Azusa Pacific University

Human Observations
I have noticed over the years, people change along with the seasons. Once the season changes so do moods, the choice in food, how often one will choose to hit the snooze button, and how long one chooses to be out in the elements. Seasons change people. In the summer, people are out and about playing sports, hitting the gym, drinking lots of water, and stocking up on their favorite fruits or vegetables. In spring, people are just beginning to venture back out from their hibernated winters and are welcoming the sun back into their daily routine. In autumn, there is a transition of day light saving time. A sudden appreciation is harvested by the extra hour gained. By the time winter comes the extra hour gained is forgotten and most people hit the snooze button at least once per week.
I have personally learned that our lives are in constant motion. We are guided by the seasons and how we conduct ourselves are intricately intertwined with nature. The smell of pumpkin spice reminds most people of autumn and instantly extends the thought of winter that is just around the corner. Once I set back my clock for day light savings time, I am ready for Pumpkin Spice Lattes at my favorite coffee shop.
My mind is instantly triggered to expect Peppermint Lattes in the next 30 days. Nature has a way of triggering my mind and the minds of others. Nature gives us gentle reminders of what is yet to come. Nature teaches us of an ongoing cycle. If something is missed in a season it will not hinder the season itself. The season will simply continue. If I forget to buy an umbrella before the rainy season hits my town the rain will still come. It does not wait because I forgot to buy an umbrella. There are many things that are difficult to comprehend or accept. I certainly believe this is due to the human race believing indefinitely that life should be fair. A certain amount of fairness is expected in the outcome of certain situations. Difficulty simply means that there is something in my life that is worth overcoming. There is an obstacle and therefore an opportunity to thrive and become something better or learn from a situation and gain knowledge