Mid-Autumn Festival: One Of The Most Ceremonious Holiday In China

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Celebrations Today, September the 18th ;a happy day for people: Mid-Autumn Festival, one of the most ceremonious holiday in China. Every year on this date, people have great celebrations and special activities to observe the happiness. It is a special day for the whole family members to enjoy the full-moon: a kind of symbol which means luck, harmony and peace. During holidays people will have a variety kinds of special events to express their joy and inherit the tradition as well. Actually the Mid-Autumn is on August the 18th of the lunar calendar, it came from a normal day which celebrated the good harvest. And also every grand festival is probably accompanied by one or more beautiful myths, the Mid-Autumn is no exception: In one of the famous ancient Chinese mythologies, in ancient times there were ten suns surrounded the earth. Generally there is only one sun rises and everyday, but once ten suns went together and shined strongly. This made humans suffer unspeakably. Nearly all water resources on earth run dry. Without enough water, people have no idea to keep alive in such high temperature. At this time a hero called Hou Yi, a powerful archer, stood out. He used his great power to shoot down 9 suns and last one sun so that people can have normal lives. For this heroic feat, the God awarded him a piece of elixir which could make Yi do not die foever, but have to live on the moon. So Yi did not eat it, he wanted to stay with his wife Chang E. Unfortunately the elixir was know by a villain, one day the villain got into Yi’s home secretly. He forced Chang E to handed over the medicine. In such dangerous situation, Chang E had nothing to do but ate the elixir. Yi felt very sad when he knew what was happened. Thus, from that time people began to worship the moon for Yi’s bravery and Chang E’s sad love with Yi on a fixed day. Until now people in some places still continued with the ancient sacrifices. The Mid-Autumn Festival not only have such interesting origin, but also have many exciting activities. On that day, children always carry lanterns with them and play together. They always drop around the neighborhood, and will surely get small gifts and warm welcome from every family. And normally people will play the Lantern riddles guessing competition, this is the most interesting part:a lot of