Wolfeville: A Short Story

Words: 845
Pages: 4


It was a sunny day in Wolfeville. The kids were out playing and the adults were heading home from work. Of course there weren’t many people but it was still enough to make a town. The exact population of Wolfeville was one hundred seventeen people. Out of those 117 people, 99 of them were adults and 18 were kids. So while the adults were heading home from work, the kids were playing a 9 on 9 baseball game. Carl was up to bat, with bases loaded and Grace was pitching, Grace’s team was winning 11-12. Grace’s first pitch was a strike. The next pitch was a strike for strike 2. The count was 0-2. It was all up to Carl. Grace delivered the pitch, it was a hard fastball right down the middle. Carl swung with all of his might, thinking he hit it, he sure did and it was blooper up the middle so it would tie the game 12-12. As it got darker the kids were still playing. It was still 12-12. It was all up to Grace. The count was 3-2. Grace swung and hit the ball but they couldn’t see it because it was gone. Grace hit her first homerun in baseball history. So they shook hands and all went home.
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But late that afternoon it all of sudden got dark. The sun was supposed to set at 8:30 but set at 4. Clouds started to roll in and it was darker than usual. There was an odd smell, it smelled sort of like sea water, mixed with beer. It was a terrible