Essay about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Piano

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Sonata No. 17 in D minor, Op. 31, No. 2, Ludwig van Beethoven.
This piece is duple. It has three movements Largo-Allegro, Adagio and Allegretto. Since the version I listened is performed by solo piano so it is monophonic. The piece is a little bit rubato because the beginning part is passion but later it becomes slow. Therefore it crescendoes at first and diminuendoes in the middle part. In the third movement, it is very moving and reaching a climax. This piece is visually-inspired. The pictures and scene come to my mind when I am listening. The big difference between the second movement and the first and third movements make the piece more interesting and vivid.

Franz Joseph Haydn 4 Trios for Fortepiano, Cello and violin. 60min.listened in dorm
This piece is polyphonic. The cellos, violins and piano have their own tones and melodies. The beginning part is light and lively but it Ritardando soon and change the tone to slow and thin. However, it change back suddenly with the high-pitch voice from violin and piano. The violins and pianos play the melodies while the cellos mostly play for bass. The high-pitch voice create a peaceful and relaxed feeling. In the middle part, the piano pla! ys the low pitches with the cellos sound more stately than before but the rhythm is still lively so it is not so slow even there is no clear melody played by violins.

No.21 in C Major, K.467 .Mozart. 30 min. listened in dorm.
The beginning part is performed by violins and other