Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Society Mozart Essay example

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Mandi Michaelides
Music Appreciation
April 4, 2013
Mozart: Hardworking Passion This story all began when a boy only five years of age began to express himself through music. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart began his genius’s pursuit into defining the way we see music and created a powerful sound that changed the western world. However, a boy of only five did not comprehend what would later happen. This unthinkable style developed with experience and altered the future civilizations. Shall we take a journey and discover where this five year old child ended up? How did an ordinary boy change the future of music? How is it that four hundred years have almost past and Mozart is still in everyday modern day culture? Mozart’s being was consumed of music. Music was he’s being and “a way to show new ideas on how to run their civilizations properly”(Mozart: The man and the Artist) During this time period non-humane bureaucracies and violent, narrow-minded individuals lead the country of Europe. Despite the fact of this malicious government and society Mozart kept is class and charm. Writings make note that Mozart was a loving father, faithful husband, and a creative man that kept to his religious faith. Everyone must have viewed Mozart differently. Maybe some as a prodigy that things came easy for and other someone that worked hard. In either case Mozart saw himself as a hard worker that was mixed with passion and love: “I have spared neither care nor labor to produce something