Wolverine Country Essay

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BLGY 1315: CT Focused Study QT1: Wolverines

Name(s): _____Tonya Stewart___ Sec: __1315___ Date:__09/15/2013___

Procedure: Complete a 2 page Focused Study Abstract using the FS Format and Guidelines
Title: Wolverines
Time: 50:00
Date: November 14, 2010
Related Text Chapters: Chapter 1: Natural Resource Conservation and Management, Chapter 2: Economics, Ethics, and Critical Thinking, Chapter 3: Lessons from Ecology, Chapter 15: Plant and Animal Extinction, Chapter 16: Wildlife Management
Key Terms: Phantom, Carnivore, Omnivorous, Gulo gulo, Mustelidae, Arctic
Data: Wolverines run four miles per hour and run four-hundred and ninety feet of high peak mountains in about ninety minutes. They don’t hibernate so in the winter their nose detects twenty inches under the snow to search for food. Which are animals that didn’t make it through the winter or abrupt avalanche. There are only a few hundred wolverines left in the lower forty-eight. Largest members of the weasel family and are called the ice age weasel. They are about thirty pounds and three feet long with ten inch legs.
New Information: There was a lot of new information for me in this video because when I thought of wolverines I would of thought of the X-men character.
Reactions: The video made me appreciate what earth has to offer and how much there really is to discovered. We as humans take for granted how precious life is and how an animal like the wolverine can become the least known mammal animal. The wolverine its self is really an interesting creature. It has traits that you would never think it could do like taking down animals that are five time the size as the creature. I wouldn’t mind learning more about this mammal and its natural habitat. Seeing the orphans made me want a wolverine myself, if only it were possible though. My favorite thing was seeing the amount of dedication these scientists put in to study the wolverine. Overall is what a great video with good points.
Significance: The video was significant because it taught us about another animal that is going extinct or rather unnoticed from the general public. It’s important because we as a human race need to see the damage our everyday resources are doing to these animal’s homes and what we can do to change our wasteful ways.
1. What is a wolverine? Describe this animal.
The wolverines also in the video called a phantom because it is rarely seen like a ghost and are lone travelers. As the largest member of the weasel family its reputation can be seen as ferrous, and very unsociable. Which is very true, they are described as a dark chocolate fluffy animal with powerful limbs and large claws to track through the snow. Its nose can detect 20 inches under snow to search for its next meal and usually eats small rodents and weaken caribou with its moose jaws used to crunch the bones. It is the least known and studied mammal animal in North America or some would call the ice age weasel.
2. Why is it difficult for biologists to monitor this animal? How do biologists keep track of the wolverine populations?
It’s difficult because they are very fast and like to travel alone. Also their population is very small and can be hard to track. Males are polygamists, so they often have different mates and are usually traveling from one family to the next. Which leaves the woman to have maternal instincts and choose where to live. They mostly live in dense caves, so scientists will try to find areas to see if they can spot one these phantoms. This area will usually be called the Avalanche Country or Wolverine Country. Glacier Park is