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Roles of Women During WWI Women have always faced problems. From voting to rights and respect, but this changed after the help they provided during world war one. The typical day for a woman before WWI was waking up, cooking, feeding children, cleaning, teaching children and sleeping. While their husbands where working making money to his family and also for his wife’s family. All of this changed though, once that World War One began in the early 1914 when all men enrolled into the war. Woman were left to be in charge of their home and of providing for the family, By the 1914’s, nearly about 5.9 million of Britain women were working. Close to a thousand of them where working in munitions factories, offices, and large hangars used to build air crafts. Women doing all this work soon proved that they were highly capable in diverse fields of labor. Just because the men were off fighting and they had to work does not mean that women could just forget about their jobs as a home maker and mother, they still managed to do all the hard labor outside of the home, but in their home as well. Men off at war were not forgotten by the women back at home. The women started to knit socks and preparing hampers for the solders on the front line. Women also made bombs and ammunition’s and then some of the women became nurses on the front, which was the only area of female contribution that involved experiencing the war for a woman. Women proved that they were highly capable in doing what men did as their manly jobs. They drove buses, taxis, and street cars, even though before the men left they were not “aloud” to ride alone. Women also proved that they had strength, skill and ability to do the work that man did. Many of the women that worked as lumberjacks and loggers during the war were called “lumberjills.” The field that women increased the most at was in engineering and working with the government for the