Woman and Perfume Essay

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Ellen Ophelia
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Coco Rocha for Elle by YSL

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Today’s society tends to be more materialistic. We earn a lot of money and spend a lot of it as well. For some people, they find shopping as refreshment to their mind. And the advertisement is there to help them by giving ideas what to buy. What I am going to analyze today is an advertisement of Elle perfume by Yves Saint Laurent with Miguel Jacobs as the photographer and Coco Rocha as the model. Coco Rocha is a top model and widely respected in the fashion industry. This image shows a medium close up of a woman holding the perfume bottle as if she is spraying. In this image, she is wearing a black suit which somehow shows that she is a powerful, sophisticated women with high social status. Her hair is tied to a ponytail which is once again implying neat and sophistication. The suit, which is unusual for women to wear, also suggests a hint of masculinity in the perfume. She is also posing with her arms open, placing it in front of her waist. The pose give a strong look to her, supporting the impression from her outfit. Without being too masculine with the suit, the blazer is slightly open and it reveals some part of her skin and cleavage which contrast with the dark blazer. Along with her bright skin, she is wearing a bright pink lipstick that gives her a sex appeal. The dark suit also contrast with the lights in the background that appears to be full of backlights which looks as if it is set in a catwalk or studio. This, somehow makes the perfume look high fashion. This will appeal to anyone who has interest in fashion and want to feel more fashionable and high class. It lightens up the whole picture giving a bright look that illuminates the model, which will draw our eyes to her as the focus. Furthermore, in this advertisement, a picture of the perfume bottle is shown. As we can see, the bottle itself is in pink color with gold lid. As we